Friday, July 19, 2013

Chicago! British Open Championship Live Stream Online

No. 16, 186 yards, standard 3: This standard 3 is playing into the wind to many people's surprise without much fanfare, and Woods discovers the green —shrieking "Bite! Chomp!" all the way. It does, on the upper tier of the green however a troublesome birdie putt. Exceptional speed down the slant and a foot for standard. There has been yet one birdie at 16 in this way. Woods didn't add to that aggregate. Woods stays-1.

No. 15, 448 yards, standard 4: Woods, again with an iron, smacks it flawlessly focused and gets a strong roll. Mcdowell likewise discovers the fairway and gets a great roll. Mcdowell from 174 yards thumps it up and runs it past and into a fortification. Woods' shot hits hard and moves over the green. Woods chips it up to around the range of 5 feet. An additional one of the aforementioned analyzers for standard. Mcdowell hits an excellence from the dugout. Standards for both ... what's more maybe missed chances ... presses off the tee, wedges from the fairway and both needed to scramble for standard. Woods stays at-1, Mcdowell at +4.

No. 14, 475 yards, standard 4: Woods' tee shot with a long iron is correct yet grounds delicate and gets no roll. He'll have a long second. Mcdowell's tee shot finds harsh. Woods, from 227, grounds it exquisite on the green ... then after that it moves off the back and continues rolling. His third is really exceptional from where he is and he will have a great opportunity to recover standard. Mcdowell's 50-footer up the mound comes up simply under 4 feet short. Mcdowell raps the standard putt, and it hits the opening, goes 1/3 of the way down and turns out. Miss 5. He will drop over to +4. Woods has 2 feet for his standard saver. Woods stays at